The Palm VII - High Tech 15 Years Ago!

While cleaning out a storage unit, I happened upon my old Palm VII. (It still works!)


I bring this up to note a few interesting things.

First, this 15 year old device was the first "connected" mobile device, meaning that it had it's own connection to the internet without being attached to another device. It was fairly revolutionary for the time, and yet, reviewers of the Palm VII complained about the amount of memory it had, how the internet access was severely limited, and how expensive that access was - complaints that sound eerily familiar with recent mobile devices.

Second, it's amazing how far we've actually come in both the level of technology and our expectations of that technology.

Here's a few specs for you; it's amazing what we "made do" with in the past:

CPU: Motorola DragonBall EZ @ 16mhz.
RAM: 2 megs. Not gigs... Megs.
Screen: 160x160 pixels, monochrome
Camera: None!
Internet pricing: 300K (yes, KILOBYTES!) $39.99
Uses Apps: Yes - around 400 were ultimately available
Power: 2 AA batteries!

..And how we've stayed the same:

Price: $599.00